THREE New Bundles of Joy!

What an exciting few months it’s been for the RIAH family! Three of our employees have given birth to beautiful babies and we can’t wait to share the news with you all!

Most recently, salon assistant and stylist Sam gave birth to her baby boy, Asher Rowan, on January 22, 2017 at 10:49am. He arrived 6lbs 12oz and 21 inches long. Mommy is completely enamored by baby and can’t get enough!


sam baby.jpg


Just two days beforehand, on January 20th, stylist Becca gave birth to her baby girl, Adriana Jade. Adriana entered the world at 9:13pm, 9lb 14oz. I think it’s pretty clear in the photos that Adriana’s big sister is already in love with her!



As you know by our previous blog feature, Jenni gave birth to her son Brayson back in October, and we are happy to announce that she is BACK at the salon doing hair again! Please call the front desk for her limited hours to schedule an appointment with Jenni before her book fills up!

Welcome back Jenni, and congratulations to all the new mothers!


Don’t forget to leave a comment of congratulations for the new moms!


Happy Sunday!


Meet the Team: Amy Difloure



You may not know this, but Amy was the founding stylist for RIAH…way back when it was Salon Rage. She grew up with three sisters and so beauty routines and hairstyles were a huge part of her childhood. After high school, Amy attended the Corbin Institute of Cosmetology; graduating in 1996. She went on to work at a Salon in Southampton at age 18,  where she met Donna.

Amy and Donna quickly became close friends and in March of 1999, Donna opened Salon Rage where Amy was her first employee. Amy has been with Donna ever since. #loyal!


Why did you decide to leave your job with Donna and take a chance on her new salon?
“Donna and I went from coworkers to close friends and when she asked me to go with her, of course I said yes.” Amy believed in Donna’s vision and in her as a stylist and leader.


How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Loyal.
Your friends describe you in one word? Talented.
Your clients describe you in one word? Precise.

What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?
“It’s a tie between short razor cuts and blowing out curly hair. Blowing out is instant gratification, and razored haircuts are more precise and edgy.”

“I take my work very seriously!”

Favorite Salon Memory?
“It’s hard to pick one; all of the late-night, post-shift hangouts with the girls after our workday.”

“Those are the moments coworkers truly become a family.”

“The perfect product for clients to use at home!”

Happy Friday!


Meet the Team: Our Newest (and Youngest!) Addition

The RIAH Team would like to formally introduce our newest and youngest member, Elite Stylist Jenni’s son Brayson Micheal!


Brayson made a surprise entrance three weeks early, and was born on October 14, 2016. He was 6 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long. Mommy and baby are both in excellent health.



Jenni will be back at RIAH doing hair sometime towards the end of January. We’ll keep you updated on her return, but in the meantime, all of the other amazing stylists on the RIAH team are taking Jenni’s clients, so be sure to call in advance to book your appointment!

Welcome to the world, Brayson Micheal! Your RIAH family loves you very much!


Meet the Team: Marissa Millevoi

marissa blog

Marissa is a natural presence around the salon. She is always smiling or laughing, socializing with clients, and let’s get real…she has the cutest clothes.

Hair was something Marissa had always thought about doing, but was unsure if it was really the path for her. Rather than question her choice and let it hold her back like many high school graduates, Marissa took a leap of faith and pursued her dreams. Boy, are we glad she did. Beauty school helped Marissa realize that this was certainly the right path for her, while her love for hair grew alongside her skill level. After graduating from the Bucks County School of Beauty Culture in Fall of 2008, Marissa began receptioning at RIAH until she could join the shampoo apprentice program and eventually moved her way up to the Advanced Stylist level she is at today.

When Marissa isn’t busy working two jobs, you may find her shopping, going up the mountains, skiing, or spending time with friends and being social.


ris blog 7

Why Riah?

“It was such a beautiful salon and everyone knew about it who was locally in the industry”. Even before RIAH was born and we were still Salon Rage, the salon was well known in the area and everyone wanted to work here, especially Marissa.

“The entire time I was beauty school, I was thinking wow, I would love to work there”

How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Laid-back.
Your friends describe you in one word? Hard-working.
Your clients describe you in one word? Personable.

ris blog8

What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?
I love the blow-dry and the final finished look. The “final reveal” to the client is the most important part–that’s the way they’re gonna be walking out the door. I love seeing their reactions when they see their hair for the first time after i’m done.

“I want every client walking out the door feeling as amazing as they look”

Favorite Salon Memory?
“On our ten year anniversary, we cleared out the whole salon so it was empty and turned it into a huge celebration. It was a goodbye to the old salon before we moved and became RIAH. The most memories I have with the team are from that night. They’re the ones who have kept me here all this time; everyone is so great to work with.”

“A heat activated spray to create long-lasting, shiny, straight styles.”



Happy Monday!


Meet the Team: James Crego



There is no way you could have a bad day hanging out with James. He is constantly laughing and smiling, bringing joy to every client at the salon for the past four years.

James began working at RIAH as a shampoo assistant when he graduated high school, and continued working through his education at Empire Beauty School in Warminster. Before long, James was on the floor as a stylist, bringing dedicated clients with him from beauty school and building a clientele at RIAH.

Born and raised in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philly, James still lives in the same house he grew up in, 26 years later. He likes to plant his roots and commit to something–whether it be a place to live, friends, or his career.

James enjoys eating at new restaurants, being social with friends, and meeting new people. He loves activities in general–road trips, workout classes, hiking, wine tasting, you name it. James is always up for an adventure, and will make sure you look good doing it!


Why Riah?
The education program, and a great reputation are what first drew James to working at the salon. The amazing team that makes up the salon is what has kept him here.




How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Reliable.
Your friends describe you in one word? Loyal.
Your clients describe you in one word? Personable.

What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?
James loves putting extensions on clients. “Oh my god, what they can do to people! Make you look younger, your hair look fuller, you name it.”

“A couple of extensions can literally transform a person.”




7 Ways You’re Brushing Your Hair Incorrectly

Many times, when facing a hair issue, we think we’re going straight to the source by switching up our shampoo or products we’re using. But have you ever tried changing the way you brush your hair? Below we have 7 ways you can switch up your hair routine by changing the way you brush.

1. Brushing from the root to the tip.
Starting at the root and pulling the hair down to the tip pulls the hair out of the follicle, snapping it. Instead, work your way up by starting to comb a few inches up from the bottom, taking out tangles, then moving up a few inches, removing more tangles and working up to the root in these small sections.

2. Brushing when wet.
The hair fibers get filled with moisture, causing them to stretch. Because the strands are now weaker, breakage is much more common. Allow your hair to air dry a little before detangling.

3. Detangling with a paddle brush.
A paddle brush is too harsh to detangle, whether dry or wet. You want to use a wide-tooth comb, but first apply a detangling product. Use a spray for fine hair, a lotion for medium thickness and a cream for thick or coarse hair. The hair will then be slippery and the comb will go right through.

4. Brushing too much.
If you’ve seen any old movies or TV shows, you may remember women sitting in the front of the mirror counting every brush stroke until they reached 100. However, over brushing can actually cause more breakage. Instead, focus on the quality of the brushing, not the number of strokes. Eliminate the knots and you’re done.

5. Using the wrong brush.
It may also be the equipment you’re using that’s the problem. Natural boar bristle brushes are much gentler on hair than brushes made with synthetic bristles, and they’re better at distributing your hair’s natural oils through the mid-lengths and ends.

6. Using dirty brushes.
Just like you should wash your makeup brushes, you should also wash your hair brush once a week. The bristles get clogged up from stray hairs as well as excess product build-up. Just think—when you use your brush on freshly clean hair the next day, you’re actually applying the product residue from the day before.

To wash, first remove any hair caught in the bristles and then run the brush under warm water. Add shampoo or hand wash and work it into the bristles, creating a foam. Then rinse the brush off completely and set on a towel to dry.

7. Causing static with your brush.
Brushing too often can also cause static from the friction. Before brushing, spritz hairspray on the brush to control flyways. You can also rub a few drops of hair oil between your fingertips and run through the hair. We’re fans of EVO Love Perpetua Shine Drops, or Love Touch Shine Spray to both remove static and add a glossy shine. Pick up either of these products at the salon at your next appointment, or stop in anytime.

We have a variety of brushes available at the salon to fit all your hair care needs. Stop in to pick one up and feel free to consult with your stylist if you have any questions about using the right brush or comb for your hair.


Happy Brushing!





Thanks to Women’s Health Magazine for the tips!

Meet the Team: Bri Kozior



Perhaps you’ve seen Bri behind the front desk, or in Donna’s Office helping her manage the salon’s marketing. Or maybe you’ve seen her on FOX’s MasterChef, where she was a season four contestant who ended up as one of the final six.
Before joining the RIAH team in December of 2015, Bri was a world-traveling chef, having visited 17 countries and cooking for high profile food-lovers such as Michelle Obama and Gordon Ramsay.

Get to know Bri:

Why Riah?
This is the first question I get when people find out i’m a chef. Their response is always “umm…so what are you doing HERE?” Catering season slows down after New Years Eve and as much as I love being a private chef, I wanted to expand my work life out of the kitchen and into an environment where I could work on a team. When you work in a kitchen, it’s teamwork, yes, but it’s mostly individual. Everyone has their own stations and keep to themselves during the shift. I really enjoy working in a place where my constant interaction with my team members is necessary, as well as my interaction with clients. I still cook; I work for Jamie Hollander Catering Company as an assistant chef and write for Spoonful Magazine, but I’m too much of a people-person to not work in a social environment like RIAH!

“I think a lot of people take for granted the ability to work in a team environment, creating the desire to work harder, succeed more, and push others to be their best self every day.”

How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Passionate.
Your friends describe you in one word? Energetic.
The Clients describe you in one word? Helpful.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about working at the front desk?
My favorite part is getting to know the workings of the salon as a whole. Although Donna is the owner and the brains of the whole operation, I like to think of the front desk as the neck that turns the head. It’s important that the front desk ladies know everything that’s going on in the salon and are constantly working to make sure things are running smoothly.
My least favorite part is not knowing all of the client’s name’s yet! Elena and Mia have been around so much longer than I have and I hate not being able to remember everyone’s name and what their regular services are, but i’m working on it! So if you see me at the front desk, say hi and introduce yourself if we haven’t officially met! I want to get to know everyone =]

What are your hopes for your career over the next five years?
I’m more of a “whichever way the wind blows” kind of girl, so it’s hard for me to plan that far in advance. I’m not specifically stuck to any one career; I want to learn as much as I possibly can and acquire as many new skills as possible. So I guess I’m just hoping to continue to grow, in whatever capacity life allows.

Favorite salon product?
DRY SHAMPOO. I seriously should be a spokesperson for this stuff–i’m obsessed. If I had to choose between all the brands in the salon (they’re all great), I’d pick EVO’s Water Killer. It’ll absorb any unwanted oil, extending the life of your shampoos for a few more days. Less shampooing = less damage to your locks. In addition to giving me that matte, clean finish, it gives my hair volume when I desperately need some (all the time).  My hair gets SO flat in a matter of minutes, even if I blow it dry and this stuff is a lifesaver. I always carry the travel size around in my person for a pick-me-up throughout the day!

“Like a sofa that turns into a bed, or water-finding stick that you can throw to your dog, this two-in-one dry shampoo and styling powder will literally make your day.”

Available in full size or a travel size, it’s the perfect accessory that belongs in everyone’s bag. Stop by the salon to purchase, or give us a call at (215) 953-0622 to reserve one to take home from your next appointment!

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