Hair Color Trends for 2012

Trends in the beauty industry seem to change with the seasons, and it is our job as stylists to stay on top of growing trends and transitions.  The forecast for 2012’s hair color is full of natural and luminous hues with tons of subtle dimension.   By adding dimension to your hair, using a few different colors no more than two shades darker or lighter than your base color, your hair will appear less flat.  In addition to brightening up your skin tone and bringing out your best features, multi-dimensional hair color gives the hair a glowing affect and much more light reflect.  This technique should be done with very fine highlights so that the colors transition into one another creating a radiant contrast.  If you are going to pay to have your hair colored, it should look like it is professionally colored,  not as if you put color from a box on your entire head.   The only hair color that should have little dimension is the darkest of dark shades, because the darker the hair, the less tone and reflect it will have.  So for the New Year, and a new you, try a multi-dimensional, multi faceted hair color.  If it is change you have been seeking, but do not want to stray from the color you feel comfortable wearing, you don’t need to do anything drastic.  Add to what you already have!  If you find something that works best for you, stick with it, but there’s always room for enhancements.  After all, as hair stylists, our job is to make you the best you can be!  Here are some examples of how others have updated their already luscious locks:


Mila Kunis and Eva Mendes have deeper rich beautiful brunette tones but by adding subtle, fine highlights throughout gives them a sun-kissed glow which enhances their skin and eyes, and livens up their hair by imitating natural movement


A natural looking blonde should never be one solid color.  It should have darker and lighter tones.  Trending in 2012 is a honey golden blonde with brighter face framing highlights and dimensional highlights throughout like Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston.


The forecast for red heads this year will be warmer tones.  Try to avoid cool reds such as ones with violet or blue undertones.  Go for a natural copper or true red hair color like Kate Walsh or Scarlette Johansson.   Ready to make a change and go red? Red is a tough color to keep vibrant, so glazing and regular touch ups are a must!

Written By: Sarah LaPorta

Hair Stylist at Riah Hair Studio Furlong, PA


About RIAH Hair Studio

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