Bad Hair Day?! Easy Ideas to turn your bad hair day into a pretty hair day.

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Bad hair days; we all have them, even hair stylists.  Fortunately, there are some easy fixes to taming disobedient locks.  Whether your hair is worn down or swept up, each tip will give you an appropriate look for any situation. 

Problem: Unruly bangs

Solution: Hairline twist or braid

All you need for this fix is couple bobby pins or a pretty barrette to fasten your hair.  Take the front section of your hair, including bangs and depending how much hair you want to pull back is how much hair to take.  Start above your eye on either side and make a part going back towards your crown. Twist hair flat and away from your face starting at the part and slowly moving your fingers towards your other eye.  One you have secured all of the hair framing the front of your face, twist ends and place a bobby pin across the twist hiding it underneath the hair you are leaving down.  The same can be done as a braid, and if you need help, as your stylist to show you!

Problem: Limp, Lifeless Hair

Solution: Add some waves

There is a new curling iron out on the market that looks like a rod.  It is basically a curling iron without the clamp.  This makes it easy for people with longer lengths to curl their hair and by wrapping the hair around the rod instead rolling the curling iron around your hair, it creates a softer wave that is such a popular look right now.  To do this, take the top half of your hair from ear to ear and secure with a clip or pony tail holder.  Spray the hair you have left down with a setting spray or light hold hair spray.  Taking one inch sections working from ear to ear, hold hair out and hold rod pointing straight down.

Starting near the root wrap hair away from the face around the rod to the end, being careful not to burn your finger!  Curl the bottom and then let the top down, spray and repeat process.

Problem: Disorderly Hair

Solution: Chic pony tail

Pony tails don’t have to be boring, and if it’s dressed up, they can be appropriate for any occasion.  Gather all hair back and secure with a clear rubber band, or any type of small hair band, leaving some face framing pieces falling free.  Take a 1 inch section from the underneath of your pony tail and wrap around your hair tie.  Secure the wrapped hair with a bobby or hair pin and spray with a strong hold hair spray.  For added detail to this classic look, tease your crown area.  Also adding a hair accessory such as a flower that compliments your outfit is a great way to spice up your look.

By: Sarah LaPorta


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