Finding the Right Salon. You Deserve great service and great hair!

This is a re-post of an article that I wrote years back that I still find super relevant and spot on.  I hope you enjoy it and that your salon is the right salon for you.

Everyone Deserves a Day of Beauty

There are so many salons to choose from. How do you decide which one is right for you? It’s not just about getting your hair cut and colored, it is about the quality of service you receive and your experience. How to find the right salon for you is an essential post. If the salon is dedicated to being the finest, you can bet the stylists are too. The following ideas will guide you in planning your beauty day and finding the salon and stylist that is best for you! (Please note that these suggestions are geared to find a hair salon/stylist that can be utilized for any beauty treatment, salon or spa.)

Initial Phone Call

First impressions count, so take note of the service you receive over the telephone. Below are some topics that should be covered or should be asked about on the initial phone call with the salon reception team. Do you have coarse hair, curly hair, or fine hair? Long or short hair? Ask the receptionist for a recommendation on who would be the best stylist for your specific hair type. Be sure to check out the salons website in addition to searching for the salon on social media which tend to provide a variety of information that may answer some of your questions.

In addition to booking your appointment, the receptionist can answer questions about experience level, qualifications, and areas of expertise and points. Ask the receptionist what requirements allow the stylist to excel to the next level. You shouldn’t focus on the length of time some one is doing hair, but what education courses they have taken and what kind of retention a stylist has. Inquire about the educational program at the salon. How frequently are classes held and who in the salon attends them? Having a solid educational program will ensure that the stylists in the salon are constantly refreshing their skills and knowledge. Ask if you can schedule a consultation with the recommended stylist. This way you can observe the salon professionals in action and you will feel comfortable about the service you will be receiving. The best time to schedule a consultation is a few weeks before you plan to book your appointment. Use the internet to your advantage. Access the salon’s website; in addition to providing services and pricing, many websites offer specials, promotions, awards, credentials, and pictures of the staff.

First Visit

Again, first impressions count, so when you arrive at the salon take note of the service you receive when you first enter. Are you greeted with a smile and guided to where you need to be? A tour of the facility is always helpful so you become familiar with all of the services that are offered and locations of restrooms, changing rooms, closets, beverages, and magazines. You should be made comfortable as possible with your surroundings. Is the salon neat and clean? You should choose a salon that upholds high standards of sanitation and ensure that all of its employees are properly licensed. Does the salon decor match your style and mood? You want to find a salon where you will enjoy yourself. The initial consultation with your stylist should begin with a friendly greeting and introduction. You receive a complete consultation at the stylist’s chair before receiving any services. During the consultation, you should receive an explanation of everything that will be done to ensure that you relax throughout the service. Topics that your stylist should discuss include but are not limited to, realistic expectations you can have for your hair and results, hair type and texture, suggestions for your bone structure and hair type, your current home maintenance program and routine; what products are you using? What tools are you using in your hair and how often do you use them? Prices for all services getting done, maintenance and scheduling for future visits. Be open, honest, and try to provide your stylist with as much information as possible about how you want to look and what your expectations are. You should also feel comfortable asking your stylist questions. You should try and get a peek into their personality, experience, and achievements to ensure you are making the right decisions for your beauty goals. How does your stylist look? Do they present themselves well and make you comfortable? Once your consultation is over and you both agree on the service, you may be introduced to another staff member who will assist with the service and shampoo. At times, your service may have one or two salon professionals who are working together to complete your look. During the service, you should not hesitate to ask questions. You should be receiving an explanation of all professional hair care products that are being used, how to use them, and the benefits of them. As your style is being finished, you should also receive an explanation of how to maintain your style at home and tips to recreate your new look. After the service is completed, you should be escorted to an area to make sure you know which products were used during your visit, to pay for your services, and to obtain feedback on your experience. Your stylist may also suggest that you plan ahead for your next appointment and suggest a maintenance program and schedule to keep your style in optimum condition.

Ongoing Visits

Every time you go into the salon your experience should remain consistent. You should be greeted professionally, the salon should be clean, and you should always receive a consultation before services are rendered. A consultation with your stylist is a necessity – you may be ready for something new with your look and that change should be communicated in the consultation. Every visit to the salon should be similar to the first visit and you should always receive  consistent excellent client service. A quality salon should offer superior staff training and mentoring so that all the stylists provide quality workmanship.

Finding the right salon for you is essential – whatever services you choose and whatever salon you visit make sure you are comfortable and joy your time – you deserve it!

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Donna Roggio has been in the salon industry for almost 30 years and is the owner of RIAH Hair Studio in Furlong, PA. RIAH Hair Studio has been named one of the top 200 fastest growing salons by Salon Today Magazine, a business publication for the professional beauty industry. The foundation of RIAH Hair Studio is based on client service, education, mentoring, and teamwork.

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How We Came to Be . . . RIAH Hair Studio In May 2011, the former Salon Rage of Southampton, Pennsylvania relocated to a new space and changed their name to RIAH Hair Studio. RIAH? (pronounced 'Rye-Ah') Yes, it's "hair" spelled in reverse. Donna originally established Salon RAGE in March 1999. The salon delivered comprehensive hair services to the surrounding communities. As a seasoned beauty industry professional for over 29 years, Donna believed in education, not only for her stylists, but for her clients as well. This prompted her to open this first salon where she could foster such a dynamic environment. After 10+ years in Southampton and a desire to move closer to her family, in 2011 she relocated her business to Furlong, Pennsylvania in the heart of Bucks County. Re-emerging as RIAH Hair Studio, Donna has created a modern, contemporary, urban loft design experience located on the corner of York Rd & Edison-Furlong Roads, at the Village Corner in Buckingham Township. RIAH Hair Studio is an intimate boutique salon that is relaxing, comfortable & social, providing the "Right Attitude" from the team resulting in a "Great Experience" for their clients. It's the "RAGE" she carefully develops to this day. The stylists are continually certified in the latest hair techniques (color, cut, design, styles, tools, products, and fashion trends). Their clients, female, male, young or mature, enjoy the benefits of this extensive training. Additionally, they are taught how to re-create and maintain their RIAH experience until the next appointment. It makes RIAH Hair Studio stand out as one of the most referred-to salons in Bucks County! When we have the opportunity to see you in our new space, we'll provide you with the "Right Attitude & Great Experience" as we have always strived to do. Happy Day! from Donna & the Team at RIAH Hair Studio View all posts by RIAH Hair Studio

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