Meet the Team: Amy Difloure



You may not know this, but Amy was the founding stylist for RIAH…way back when it was Salon Rage. She grew up with three sisters and so beauty routines and hairstyles were a huge part of her childhood. After high school, Amy attended the Corbin Institute of Cosmetology; graduating in 1996. She went on to work at a Salon in Southampton at age 18,  where she met Donna.

Amy and Donna quickly became close friends and in March of 1999, Donna opened Salon Rage where Amy was her first employee. Amy has been with Donna ever since. #loyal!


Why did you decide to leave your job with Donna and take a chance on her new salon?
“Donna and I went from coworkers to close friends and when she asked me to go with her, of course I said yes.” Amy believed in Donna’s vision and in her as a stylist and leader.


How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Loyal.
Your friends describe you in one word? Talented.
Your clients describe you in one word? Precise.

What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?
“It’s a tie between short razor cuts and blowing out curly hair. Blowing out is instant gratification, and razored haircuts are more precise and edgy.”

“I take my work very seriously!”

Favorite Salon Memory?
“It’s hard to pick one; all of the late-night, post-shift hangouts with the girls after our workday.”

“Those are the moments coworkers truly become a family.”

“The perfect product for clients to use at home!”

Happy Friday!


About RIAH Hair Studio

How We Came to Be . . . RIAH Hair Studio In May 2011, the former Salon Rage of Southampton, Pennsylvania relocated to a new space and changed their name to RIAH Hair Studio. RIAH? (pronounced 'Rye-Ah') Yes, it's "hair" spelled in reverse. Donna originally established Salon RAGE in March 1999. The salon delivered comprehensive hair services to the surrounding communities. As a seasoned beauty industry professional for over 29 years, Donna believed in education, not only for her stylists, but for her clients as well. This prompted her to open this first salon where she could foster such a dynamic environment. After 10+ years in Southampton and a desire to move closer to her family, in 2011 she relocated her business to Furlong, Pennsylvania in the heart of Bucks County. Re-emerging as RIAH Hair Studio, Donna has created a modern, contemporary, urban loft design experience located on the corner of York Rd & Edison-Furlong Roads, at the Village Corner in Buckingham Township. RIAH Hair Studio is an intimate boutique salon that is relaxing, comfortable & social, providing the "Right Attitude" from the team resulting in a "Great Experience" for their clients. It's the "RAGE" she carefully develops to this day. The stylists are continually certified in the latest hair techniques (color, cut, design, styles, tools, products, and fashion trends). Their clients, female, male, young or mature, enjoy the benefits of this extensive training. Additionally, they are taught how to re-create and maintain their RIAH experience until the next appointment. It makes RIAH Hair Studio stand out as one of the most referred-to salons in Bucks County! When we have the opportunity to see you in our new space, we'll provide you with the "Right Attitude & Great Experience" as we have always strived to do. Happy Day! from Donna & the Team at RIAH Hair Studio View all posts by RIAH Hair Studio

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