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Meet the Team: Marissa Millevoi

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Marissa is a natural presence around the salon. She is always smiling or laughing, socializing with clients, and let’s get real…she has the cutest clothes.

Hair was something Marissa had always thought about doing, but was unsure if it was really the path for her. Rather than question her choice and let it hold her back like many high school graduates, Marissa took a leap of faith and pursued her dreams. Boy, are we glad she did. Beauty school helped Marissa realize that this was certainly the right path for her, while her love for hair grew alongside her skill level. After graduating from the Bucks County School of Beauty Culture in Fall of 2008, Marissa began receptioning at RIAH until she could join the shampoo apprentice program and eventually moved her way up to the Advanced Stylist level she is at today.

When Marissa isn’t busy working two jobs, you may find her shopping, going up the mountains, skiing, or spending time with friends and being social.


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Why Riah?

“It was such a beautiful salon and everyone knew about it who was locally in the industry”. Even before RIAH was born and we were still Salon Rage, the salon was well known in the area and everyone wanted to work here, especially Marissa.

“The entire time I was beauty school, I was thinking wow, I would love to work there”

How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Laid-back.
Your friends describe you in one word? Hard-working.
Your clients describe you in one word? Personable.

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What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?
I love the blow-dry and the final finished look. The “final reveal” to the client is the most important part–that’s the way they’re gonna be walking out the door. I love seeing their reactions when they see their hair for the first time after i’m done.

“I want every client walking out the door feeling as amazing as they look”

Favorite Salon Memory?
“On our ten year anniversary, we cleared out the whole salon so it was empty and turned it into a huge celebration. It was a goodbye to the old salon before we moved and became RIAH. The most memories I have with the team are from that night. They’re the ones who have kept me here all this time; everyone is so great to work with.”

“A heat activated spray to create long-lasting, shiny, straight styles.”



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Meet the Team: Jen Payne


Holla if you love Jen! She is one of our Advanced Stylists who has been at the salon for almost two years now. She is at the Salon every day we are open, Tuesday thru Saturday, so chances are you’ve seen her smiling face at one of your appointments!

Jen attended two years of beauty school in high school before later graduating from Empire Beauty School in Warminster.

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Why Riah?
After meeting Donna, Jen knew right away that Riah was meant to be her forever home.

“It just felt right. The energy was there and I just had a really strong feeling that this is where I was supposed to be. Two years later, those feelings haven’t changed.”

How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Caring.
Your friends describe you in one word? Funny.
Your clients describe you in one word? Compassionate.


What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?


“I love the natural look that Balayage gives, recreating the sun-kissed hair from your childhood”




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Meet the Team: Sarah LaPorta

We can’t wait for you to learn more about beautiful, talented, outgoing Sarah!



Sarah LaPorta has been at Riah for almost 8 years, but knew she first wanted to do hair when she was a little girl. She spent all of her time growing up braiding, styling, perming, and dying friends’ hair (although as a teenager, Sarah admit she didn’t always know what she was doing). Hard to believe now seeing what skill and precision she puts into her work as a Master Stylist.


In high school, Sarah was a client at the previous location, Salon Rage, where she was encouraged to apply and work during her summer break from college. At the time, she was in nursing school at temple, but after working at the salon as a receptionist and then a stylist assistant/shampoo team member, she realized that becoming a stylist was truly the right fit for her. She began her journey down that path in 2010, officially becoming a stylist after graduating from Empire Beauty School.

Get to know Sarah:

Why Riah?
The team is Sarah’s favorite part about working at Riah. She likes coming to work and feeling like she’s working with family.

“I feel lucky to be learning from a talented group; having people to bounce ideas off of and motivate one another.”

How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Ambitious.
Your friends describe you in one word? Good-Listener.
Your clients describe you in one word? Personable.

What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?
Balayage and special occasion styles are the most fun.

What are your hopes for your career over the next five years?
“My hopes are to be an elite stylist, or maybe a salon owner. I’d love to educate as well. I’ve done some updo classes and color class in the past–it’s something I really enjoy doing on the side.”

Favorite salon product?
Currently, it’s EVO: Whip it Good.

“It gives amazing volume without being too sticky, and allows for that lasting blowdry finish.”

It’s the perfect accessory to every blowdry. Stop by the salon to purchase, or give us a call at (215) 953-0622 to reserve one to take home from your next appointment!

Happy Friday!

Meet the Team: Ereka Blomgren

In the first edition of our new “Meet the Team” series, we’re excited to introduce you to a newer face at the salon, Ereka Blomgren.


“I love seeing my clients leave feeling secure and confident in their own natural beauty.”


Ereka first knew she wanted to become a hair stylist while in college. She realized college wasn’t the right path for her so she did what any sensible young adult would do: she made a list. What was at the top of that list? Hair styling of course! She immediately decided to go with her gut and go to beauty school. Being a girl who was born in the Midwest and grew up in Doylestown, she loved going to school in the city. It gave her the opportunity to learn how to do all types of hair–a skill she will use throughout her entire career. After graduating from Jean Madeline Aveda Academy, Ereka got her first job at Aveda Spa in Doylestown, before moving to Washington DC to really train and prepare herself for success in her career in cosmetology. Five years later, she moved back to Bucks County to be closer to friends and family.

Ereka began working at Riah in the beginning of November and has been lighting up the salon with her infectious smile and go-getter attitude ever since. Call the salon at (215) 953-0622 to schedule an appointment with Ereka today!

Get to know Ereka:

Why Riah?
Initially, Ereka wanted to work at Riah for an opportunity to grow in the business in a place with a prestigious reputation. She was pleasantly surprised how welcoming her co-workers are and now couldn’t imagine herself in any other salon family!

How would…
You describe yourself in one word? Grateful.
Your friends describe you in one word? Loyal.
Your clients describe you in one word? Down-to-Earth.

What’s your favorite technique to use on clients?
“I love to blow dry and style my clients hair to create a finished look.”
Seeing her clients walk out the door feeling 100% confident in themselves is Ereka’s priority as a stylist.


Favorite salon product?
Shape Vixen from Evo!

“Use Shape Vixen for blow drying to add massive volume; use it to define and hold curl, use it for separation and texture; use it for a slick back; use it to make friends; use it!”

It’s your walk-out-the-door-and-ready-to-take-on-the-world in a bottle.
Stop by the salon to purchase, or give us a call at (215) 953-0622 to reserve one to take home from your next appointment!

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